L’Atelier de Sens-Croissants

Our pastry!

I was so looking forward to this baking class. Finally I would learn the secret of the light and airy French Croissant! We were greeted by Olivier the Pastry Chef. He told us a little about his culinary background. He was never formulary trained but learned as a young man from the masters. He eventually opened up his own restaurants in Ireland and France.  After many years of running a restaurant he decided to sell and began teaching at the Atelier de Sans.

The class began with us making our own dough for the croissant. Each student ( 3 of us) had our own work station to make our own dough. We weight, measured, mixed and kneaded the dough.  Olivier explained, because the process of making croissants is time consuming he prepared dough ahead of time for us to use however, we would do each step and the dough we made would go for the next class. The whole process is about 8 hours! The  class is 3 hours.

We rolled, folded and rested the dough a number of times till the dough was just the right consistency. Olivier made you feel the difference in the layers of dough as well as show you when to refrigerate it because the butter was showing threw the dough.

We then began to make the croissants. Then we filled them with bacon and cheese and chocolate. We also made a pistachio creme filled pastry, rolled like a jelly roll. All 4 of these pastries used the same dough. Olivier also gave us hints of how to prepare ahead of time and freeze the dough.

Overall, this was a great hands on class. I highly recommend taking Oliver’s class. http://www.atelier-des-sens.com/s-inscrire-et-offrir/calendrier-des-cours


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