Terrine de canard forestiere au foie gras et marrons

Martine & I with Chef Jean Marc Villard

This was my 2nd visit to Chef Jean Marc Villards I took my dear friend Martine who lives in Lyon France. We had a great time. Here is the recipe for

Terrine de canard forestiere au foie gras et marrons


140 gr. of pork shoulder (fatty)
80 gr. of chicken liver
115 gr. of Duck breast without skin (tenderloin)
240 gr. Gorge de porc- (lard)

Marinade for the 4 meats
5 gr. sel rose (rose salt for meats)
3 gr. salt
1 ground white pepper
1 pinch of 4 spice (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon,ginger)
1 clove
1 black peppercorn
1.5 cl Cognac
1.5 cl White Wine
1 piece bay leaf
2 pieces of thyme

140 gr Duck breast with fat and skin ( sliced and placed in middle of terrine)
150 gr. Foie gras de canard

100 gr. button mushroom
5 gr. trumpet mushroom (thin and dark)

55 gr. Chestnut

1 egg yolk
220 gr. Bardes lard /crepine ( line terrine) ( Bard bacon)
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 pinch of Sichuan peppercorn

Cut 4 meats into strips and place in pan to marinade with chicken liver lying flat. Place the 2 salts and pepper and 4 spices and clove, peppercorn smash it then cognac and white wine mix it up and add thyme and bay leaf(laurel) marinade for 24 hours in the frig

Take the dried trumpet mushroom in lukewarm water rinse after 15 min of soaking. Wash several times with water and keep them a little damp. Put them in frying pan saute with olive oil salt and pepper. Place on plate. Wash button mushrooms saute and put aside with salt and pepper. ( or pass in grinder)

Devain the fois gras then salt and pepper and add scechuan pepper and Cognac and leave to marinade in frig covered.

Cook duck breast with fat side down add salt & pepper. Let rest fro 15 min before you cut

Line the dish with the Bardes lard ( fat sheets) and place in frig.

Grind meat remove all the thyme, laurel, peppercorn and clove. Then start to grind meats,add mushrooms to mixture and place liver in the middle of grinding process.

Cut chest nuts in quarters and add to the ground mixture, then add the egg yolk and mix well to balance the mixes of meats.

Taste and verify salt and fill half the dish with mixture and press down well. Then put the duck breast length wise on each side. Give a sausage shape to fois gras and place in middle and fill in the mixture.

Cover with bardes lard overlapping the top . Use the fork to tuck in the lard and place laurel on top.

Cover, bake in the bain marie cook at 170-175 C. for 50 min. Take terrine out of the bain marie and press it down for a whole night. Remove the fat and leave weight 24 hours.

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