Hong Kong Food Markets

Hong Kong Markets

We spent the day walking around Hong Kong Island. We stopped at a lovely european cafe to have tea and snacks. Daniela the server at Mano ( located next to the L Building) was great and gave us a suggestion to try the SOHO district by using the moving escalators a few steps away.

We headed to the Soho district great shops lots of restaurants and bars. Very international. We stopped at a place called Staunton’s Wine Bar Cafe and we had the best Reuben sandwich and fries! (we needed to eat a small lunch while we waited a few hours for our Foodie tour to begin)

We then walked a little around the market and joined our group for the HK Foodie Tour we booked. We had about 12 others join us from around the world. The best Dim Sum was at the Dim Sum Square Restaurant. They had the best pork buns I have ever tried. They were baked not steamed with a lil sugar on top it was yummy!

The tour itself was a little too long for me and my husband almost 4 hours. It would of been better done in 2 to 3. Overall we had a great day, we enjoyed the company of many new friends from around the world.

Our Tour guideIMG_0642BBQ Pork

Egg CustardSuckling pigs ready for BBQTea from the Tea RoomTypical Bakery in HKBBQ pork and rice
Famous Noodle/Dumpling Soup


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