Singapore Markets & Cooking Class

Old Singapore

Today I met Lena, the owner of the Singapore Cooking School, Food Playground. She is a “stay at home” mom, here in Singapore, and she is trying to employee other “stay at home” moms and elderly ladies to become employed thru her cooking school. Her thought is to help those in need and yet still preserve the cultural heritage that has been passed down thru cooking from generation to generation. What a great concept, especially given the fact most Singapore traditional cooking seems to be going away, as younger generations are too busy to learn from there parents and grandparents. I was raised learning from my grandmothers their secret recipes and I’m so proud I can recreate them and hopefully pass them on to others in my family. So, to me Lena was doing a great thing, trying to preserve her heritage and teach others too! Bravo!

Lena and her Auntie

We had a great time learning how the mix of dishes in Singapore came to be. Why certain things were used. How the different Asian cultures in the area have fused their food together. We made 3 items, Singapore noodles, spring rolls and dessert. It was an excellent class!

Noodles for lunch


After class we traveled down the street to the “Hawker Market” great place to see the original food vendors of the area.

Old SIngapore
Hawker MarketTypical stall in the Hawker Market<a


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